Where can you archieve hiking badges?

Our partner are some of the most important Austrian hiking regions and together with them we allow the collection of their hiking badges (Wandernadeln) exclusive within SummitLynx.

You collect points on locations which are part of the badges in this regions. The badges are archived as soon the needed points are collected and you can redeem them in the local tourist offices. Some of the regions provide additional incentives – please check the descriptions of the badges for that.

Where can I find locations for the badges? Checking the location list in the app you will find a trophy icon next to the locations name. The menu item “Badges” gives you an overview of the available badges and every badge.

Collect badges!

  • Install app

    Please install our app before you go on a hike.

  • Go hiking

    The nices and most important part: Go out and take a hike either in one of you partner regions or anywhere else on this nice planet and enjoy the beauty of nature.

  • Check in

    When you reaced a peak, hut or any other location, which is associated to a badge, create a checkin.

  • Redeem your badge

    Finished with collecting points? The menu item “Badges” will show you the badges you archived and you can pick up the badges of the according region at the local touristic office.