Frequently asked questions – FAQ

You will find some questions which where previously asked and might be interesting using the app here.

Does the app also work without data connection?

Yes, SummitLynx works without a data connection. It uses GPS to show locations around, checkins are temporary stored and uploaded as soon as the app has connection to the internet again.

Needless to mention that for installation and registration/login a data connection is necessary.

Why is a location to far away?

You are at a peak (or similar location) and the locations is shown to far way? That’s annoying and there might be several reasons for this:

  1. The location actually is to far away: We want to avoid misuse of the app and therefore limit the range where you can create a check-in. This should stop creating check-ins while sitting at the bottom of a mountain and and drinking coffee.
  2. GPS signal isn’t accurate enough: Sometimes it takes a while until the GPS signal is strong enough to calculate your exact location. Please wait a moment and start the location search again.
  3. A location is positioned wrong: This shouldn’t happen but can happen while checking the locations of a partner. Please send us an email at and let us know which location is effected. We will take care of this and recalculate your points.

Important notice: If you missed a check-in it is always possible to enter checkins using No points for badges are collected for this check-ins.

Why is a peak or location missing?

Our database contains around 300.000 locations worldwide but it can still miss some mountains or other locations of interest. Please let us know which location you are missing by sending us an email at Please don’t forget to mention the name, type (peak, hut, etc.) and location of the location. Thanks for helping improving the coverage!

I have no GPS signal or see wrong locations

GPS is sometimes complicate and there are several reasons where a problem can occur:

  1. Permissions: Every app needs access to the location. At the iPhone you are asked during the first start of the app if you want to allow access to this. Android ask for those permissions during installation.
  2. Location mode on Android: There is a setting on Android device to change the accuracy of the location service. Usually there are three modes available (High accuracy, Power saving, GPS only). Some manufacturers use “Power saving” as default setting. This setting uses only cell information of the mobile network which is insufficient in a rural environment.
  3. Buildings, narrow valleys or thick forest: GPS signal needs line of sight to the GPS satellites. If you are inside a building, walking on the bottom of a narrow valley or inside a thick forest GPS signal might be lost. Please go outside or find a place where you have free view of the sky.
  4. Time delay of the GPS positioning: Sometimes it takes a while until enough satellites are found by the GPS chip and the position can be calculated. This is more likely if you use GPS not frequently.
  5. Old location: Sometimes old locations are shown. This happens because devices usually store the last known GPS position to have better response time.

If you are using the app and are confused by the shown locations in the list, it might help to go back to the log view and start the checkin again.

I hope this helps you understand the mechanisms of GPS and the app.

Is there a way to add, edit or delete my check-ins?

You can add, edit and delete previous and missing check-ins using our web interface at Please be aware that no points for the badges are added for those check-ins.

Why is a registration needed?

There are three reasons why a registration is needed:

  1. It enables your friends to find you and send you a friendship request to see which nice hikes each other has done
  2. It enables you to edit your check-ins via our web interface
  3. Most important: In case of a new device all your check-ins are sync to the new devices and you don’t have to deal with transfer your data to the new device

Be aware that we take data privacy serious and won’t give your data to third parties or use it to spam you.

Can I change my name and e-mail address?

Currently we don’t have an interface for changing your name or e-mail address. Please send us an e-mail to and let us know what you want to have changed. Please also add the e-mail address you registered with.

How can I delete my account?

We are very sorry to hear that and it would be great if you could give us a change to convince you to use our service again by sending us your reasons and feedback to Maybe we can solve your issues and keep you as an user. As we respect your decision and take data privacy serious, you can delete your account using this link: For security reasons you have to be logged in to do that and please be aware that we really delete all your data and that there is no hidden reactivation mechanism. If you delete, the data is really gone. Please take sure that you backed up you data before.

Answer not found?

Please send us an email at and we will hurry to answer your questions!