Sicher am Berg - mySOS - Bergrettung

Schladming, 4th of June 2019

As of today, “mySOS” sends tour details and return times to the emergency contact and thus helps the mountain rescue team to do their job. For this free service the SummitLynx hiking app cooperates with the Styrian Mountain Rescue Service.

It is a basic rule for hikers to not go on a tour alone. Unfortunately the reality is often different: In 2018 alone, the Styrian Mountain Rescue Service registered 69 search missions and their rescue teams worked for 5,195 hours. Searching for missing persons can be very challenging for the rescue teams, especially when tours get rescheduled on short notice, for example when there are weather changes. Most of the time the missing persons cannot be located quickly enough and valuable time, which could save lives, is lost.

How mySOS works

For this reason the founders of the “SummitLynx” app created an innovative and easy-to-use rescue service together with the Styrian Mountain Rescue Service. Upon starting the tour, the hiker indicates the planned route as well as the estimated return time and adds an emergency contact in mySOS. If the indicated return time passes and the hiker does not deactivate the service after arrival, an SMS with a link to the stored information will be sent to the emergency contact.

Every hour saves lives

The information obtained from mySOS helps the rescue teams a lot. “When I already know, if I have to search on the right or on the left side of the valley basin, I can find the missing person twice as fast. Every hour counts, especially when the person is injured or when it is getting cold in the evening.”, says Michael Miggitsch, the head of the Styrian Mountain Rescue Service, who is convinced of the service’s usefulness. “You only need a few clicks to download the app, but at the decisive moment it might save lives.

It works worldwide without network coverage

The emergency service is a feature of the “SummitLynx” hiking app. The app can be downloaded free of charge in the App Store and via Google Play. The service is activated at the beginning of the tour and then works completely offline. Unlike similar apps or systems, mySOS also works, when the hiker is out and about in an area without network coverage. .

Cooperation with the insurance

It is also possible to take out an insurance on a daily basis directly in the SummitLynx app. This is quite useful for hikers or tourists who otherwise would not be sufficiently insured. This is possible due to a partnership with the digital insurance platform ” is a digital insurance platform, where customers can comfortably take out an insurance for a good price. It connects the advantages of our flexible, digital world with the experience of an almost 150 years old insurance company. is a subsidiary of the Lebensversicherung von 1871 a. G. München, which is one of the most creditworthy insurance companies in Germany. The insurance solutions offered on offer financial protection for families, children and partners in the event of death or give support for costs resulting from accidents.”

The founders of SummitLynx, Peter Höflehner and Michael Tritscher, explain: “Security in the mountains is of utmost importance to us. We hope that with mySOS we can contribute to better resolve an emergency situation”. “At heart we would prefer it, if mySOS would not be needed by our users”, the two Styrians from Schladming hope.

About SummitLynx:

SummitLynx is an app for hikers. Its main function is the digital tour book and in addition it is possible to collect the popular hiking badges in many regions. Since May it also features the new function mySOS in cooperation with the Styrian Mountain Rescue Service. The app was created in Schladming in 2012 and it is the main app for hiking badges in Austria and Germany. Some of the most important tourism regions in the German speaking area, such as Schladming-Dachstein, Hochkönig, Ötztal, Allgäu and many more, are partners of SummitLynx.

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